KTU Invited Student Project Proposals under INNOVATE of KSCSTE

KTU Invited Student Project Proposals under INNOVATE of KSCSTE

KTU Invited Student Project Proposals under INNOVATE of KSCSTE

INNOVATE is a special program instituted by KSCSTE to promote innovations from Engineering students in the Kerala State. 

Under INNOVATE scheme financial support will be provided to selected innovative projects. Such projects will get an opportunity to be presented in TEKON-2018 (TECHFEST of KSCSTE).

Attractive Cash prizes are given to the best innovations presented in TEKON-2018 (TECHFEST of KSCSTE)

  • Who can apply? B. Tech Students of Engineering Colleges in Kerala 
  • Mode of participation? Individual/ Group of max. 5 members
  • Funding ? Max. Financial support of Rs. 25,000/- to each selected team


01. Each Engineering College has to conduct an in-house competition for innovative ideas/projects and an Expert Committee constituted within the college shall select the best 2 – 3 projects. 

02. Best project/s such selected may be forwarded in the prescribed application format (downloadable from www.kscste.kerala.gov.in) to KSCSTE by the Head of the Institution. 

03. A teaching faculty of the institution should be the guide for each project. 

04. A Judging Committee constituted by KSCSTE & KTU will select meritorious project proposals to be supported under INNOVATE 

05. 'INNOVATE' promotes innovative technologies in the challenging areas of Science & Technology or socially relevant technologies. Some of the examples for technological developments are:

1) Cordless Electric Iron 
2) Automatic intelligent braking system for vehicles 
3) Automatic mist control in automobiles 
4) Dog repellent gadget 
5) Water purifiers for rural application 
6) Extraction of clean natural salt from seawater 
7) Pesticide detection technology in fruits & vegetables 
8) Organic waste converters 
9) Green building materials 
10) Cold chain process etc.


  1. http://fkrt.it/QbJo0!NNNN

  2. http://fkrt.it/QrVuB!NNNN

  3. http://amzn.to/2fTzd6Q

  4. http://amzn.to/2xYFjxx


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